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IBM Launches Private Cloud to Ease Public Cloud Transition

IBM on Wednesday announced IBM Cloud Private, a software platform that allows enterprise customers to run applications and store critical data in an on-premises, private cloud environment. The new service employs a Kubernetes-based container architecture that supports both Docker containers and Cloud Foundry. IBM also introduced new container-optimized versions of core enterprise software including Websphere Liberty, Db2 and MQ. Companies in heavily regulated industries like finance and healthcare have embraced private clouds as they plan their transitions to public cloud environments, IBM said. Companies will spend an estimated US$50 billion per year on these efforts and grow private cloud business at an estimated rate of between 15 percent and 20 percent per year. "Innovation and adoption of public cloud services has been constrained by the challenge of transitioning complex enterprise systems and applications into a true cloud native environment," said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president for IBM Hybrid Cloud. IBM Cloud Private brings "rapid application development and modernization" to existing IT infrastructure, he said, and allows it to be combined with the services of public cloud technology.


Samsung to Give Linux Desktop Experience to Smartphone Users

Samsung on Thursday announced a new app, Linux on Galaxy, designed to work with its DeX docking station to bring a full Linux desktop experience to Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone users. Samsung earlier this year introduced DeX, a docking station that connects to a monitor to give Galaxy smartphone users a desktop experience. With the Linux on Galaxy app, which is in the trial phase, users will be able to run full Linux desktop distributions. Users can register with Samsung if they would like to receive an alert users once the Linux on Galaxy app becomes generally available. Samsung also announced new partnerships with several gaming developers. Fans will be able to play mobile games including Super Evil Megacorp's Vainglory, Game Insight's Survival Arena, Eric Fromling's BombSquad and Netmarble's Lineage 2 Revolution in an immersive desktop environment. In addition, Lineage 2 Revolution and Nexon's AxE are among the titles using the Vulcan application programming interface, for more responsive performance and greater power efficiency, according to Samsung. These games will be available on a full screen with full keyboard and mouse control. Converting smartphones into desktop environments has been tried many times, noted Ian Fogg, head of mobile and telecoms at IHS Technology. Motorola offered the Atrix in 2011, Microsoft later made an effort, but there were limitations in terms of the apps and content available to make the transition to a big screen. Samsung's DeX environment is "supremely better than all the earlier attempts to have a smartphone docking into a big screen," Fogg told LinuxInsider. The addition of the Linux on Galaxy app will give smartphone users "alternative environments when plugging into a big screen," he said, adding that its success will depend on how well the content and applications translate.